Memories from the Ocean


Good morning loves! Here are some pictures of my weekend spent in South Beach, it was short but incredible. Anybody close to me knows how much I enjoy the little things in life. One of them is sitting by the beach, feeling the sand, enjoying the sun, and the ocean air. The vibe in Miami was exuberant as ever, filled with energy and excitement! I’m one of those who truly enjoy the change of atmosphere from time to time. Last weekend was refreshing, romantic, and full of Piña Coladas 😀

BEACHREAL1beach15beach1446beach2beach9beach14beach7beach5beach36475beach12beach4beach1235beach1567Zara sandals | Brandy Melville top | Custo Barcelona cover-up | Alexander McQueen silk scarf (similar here) | Miu Miu sunglasses |


Vintage & Modern.


While strolling the shops in South Beach on Sunday afternoon, I came across a store I haven’t visited in quite some time. I couldn’t be happier I spotted it before my boyfriend dragged me back to the hotel. I found my new mates for the summer. As soon I laid eyes on these gladiator beauties, I instantly thought to myself all of my other shoes will be taking a trip to forgotten-land.

IMG_2866IMG_2919 copyIMG_2958IMG_2899IMG_3047IMG_3074IMG_2912IMG_2965IMG_3037Untitled-1IMG_2999IMG_2989

I must admit it to you guys, I’m a huge vintage freak. That’s the best part about having a cool grandma and a mother that used to have rad style… Totally kidding about that, my mother’s style is still too rad for most people! Playing around with vintage, modern, old and new is half the fun. These Pepe Jeans shorts I’m wearing belonged to my mother at some point in time, and the shirt’s a silk long sleeve Christian Dior from the Jacky-O era. When I purchased these BCBG gladiators, I pictures myself wearing this exact outfit. I’m so relieved it didn’t turn out to be a big disappointment. Cheers to the old and new and the amazing pieces in between!

Pepe Jeans vintage shorts | Christian Dior vintage silk long sleeve | BCBG shoes | Prada Saffiano bag | Miu Miu sunglasses | Hermes clic-clac enamel bracelet | Gigi New York bronze wrap bracelet

Denim in Action


‘Why’s denim so trendy now, what’s so new about jeans’, asked a very close friend of mine recently. I was taken back by her question since she’s never been interested in fashion or trends for that matter. I want to state this girl’s knowledge of fashion is relatively the same as my knowledge of sports. I’ve always thought of denim to be the easiest clothing choice ever and the most boring. I mean how can you possibly go wrong with a pair of jeans and a tee? And what’s so cool about that outfit? Denim’s a part of e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y’s lives, even my friend’s. Almost every living creature in this planet owns some type of denim. Here’s my question though, why have we made it look so boring all this time? After witnessing denim’s so not what I thought it was, it inspired me to be more creative and play around with options. I must admit these fashion babes gave it a whole new meaning…

1. Supermuse | 2. Zara | 3. Zara | 4. Rebecca Taylor | 5. Topshop | 6. J Brand | 7. Topshop | 8. Topshop | 9. Topshop

Hot Black/White Summer


Yesterday was one of those days I didn’t know what to wear… It wasn’t so much because everything I own is still inside my suitcases, it was more because the heat and humidity were unbearable and I was running out of options. For a second, I felt the desire to leave my house the exact way I was brought into this world.bridge17bridge87bridge3bridge2bridge11bridge89bridge4 bridge9bridge10bridge19

This high waist skort is made out of really light fabric (win win), and the shirt as you can see gives me more than enough room to breath. I added a touch of color to my all black and white outfit with this necklace. It doesn’t scream “look at me! look at me!’ but it gives it a better summer feeling.

Brandy Melville top |  Converse shoes | Tibi bottom (similar here & here & here) | Roberto Cavalli sunglasses (similar here)