Nuevo Capitulo, A New Chapter


Hi Guys, my name is Andrea Encalada. I’ve been following various fashion and personal style blogs for some time, and I finally decided to start this new chapter in my life, and create one of my own, where I could share my personal lookbook of outfits, ideas, places, and inspiration with others. The name of my blog is a mix of my last name, Encalada, and the infamous old expression, The Whole-Enchilada, which means the entirety of something. And voila! “The Whole-Encalada” was born! I envision this space to be a variety of different topics in my life, and help me express my love for fashion through photographs.

Thank you for visiting!


What was once old is now new. This twist on the overall trousers, takes denim from lounge too chic. Here I wore light washed overalls with one of my most beloved vintage finds –a lace and silk lingerie inspired top. After all, this seems to be one of the very few options the city’s weather allows me to wear today… Am I the only one?

Topshop Overalls | Oscar de la Renta vintage top | Jimmy Choo pumps | Celine bag | Ray-Ban gold aviators 

(Photos by Melissa Santiago)


4 thoughts on “Nuevo Capitulo, A New Chapter

  1. So so excited for you! Can’t wait to follow your style. Maneater watch out!! Miss you lots
    ❤ Sophie

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