Weekend Dreamin’


My definition of an easy-breezy casual daytime outfit always includes a hot pair of heels, jewelry, and some sunnies. Even though, I am a natural at wearing chunky necklaces, lately I’ve found myself leaning more towards dainty and delicate pieces (These Jennifer Zeuner necklaces are everything). Now, how about them Lace-Ups, guys? I came across the pair last week, it was love at first sight! Side-note, they also come in red, hawt! I have a not-so-secret obsession with anything Proenza Schouler, but this bag is the win-win! I prefer the black for an all-year-round look, but this nude shade is perfect. What is your favorite “Off-Duty” look?

1. Front Row Shop shirt | 2. Topshop high-waist shorts | 3. Oliver Peoples sunglasses | 4/5/6. Jennifer Zeuner necklaces| 7. Proenza Schouler bag  | 8. Windsor Smith – Gillie heels 



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