Let me introduce you to: Jennizer Zeuner

JENNIFERZEUNERPOST1 copyJennifer Zeuner’s a Brooklyn based designer. She gained recognition soon after her chic, minimalist designs were spotted on models, celebrities, and fashion bloggers. Ever since, the brand’s captured people’s attention all around. Some of her “iconic” pieces are charm peace signs and diamond pendants. The designer features custom made hand crafted necklaces, as well as bracelets. It specializes in custom made gold and silver nameplate necklaces and personalized name jewelry.

JENNIFERZEUNERPOST2 copyThe necklaces above are personally my favorite. I must admit the intimate feel of a custom made necklace with the initial or name of your preference’s pretty cool. Every style varies, some necklaces only allow one letter, while others can be customized to fit three, or full name. Everything is offered in Gold or Rose Vermeil and Sterling Silver. 14K Yellow, White, and Rose in specific items only. I can’t deny I’ve fallen in love with her entire collection, there’s an awesome personal feel to it. Yesterday night, I ordered the first item from the second row. I’m pretty anxious since it takes up to 6 weeks for personalized and customized items, but the wait’s sooo worth it. Jennifer Zeuner jewelry is the perfect example a girl doesn’t always need to wear statement necklaces every day 😉

What do you think about the designs? What would you buy from her?

Shop Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry 


3 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to: Jennizer Zeuner

  1. I’m in love with this woman’s jewelry, she can never go wrong.
    I specially love the personalized necklaces!


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