The Beginning of my summer


Good Morning from Naples my little loves! I apologize for the lack of post these past couple of days… I’ve had a million and one thing to take care of in New York before my flight on Saturday morning. Between exams, classes, and never-ending projects, I too needed to pack my entire place and store it for the months I’ll be away. When you live in the city, work in the city, go to school in the city, and do everything else in the city, any get-away possibility seems like a blessing. Don’t confuse my words though, I love New York as if I were a native… But how could I ever refuse to the ocean and sand when the chance aroused? So, I  woke up on Wednesday morning and spontaneously decided I would pack my things (six suitcases, one super-oversized carry-on, and a bag to be more precise) and spend some of my summer relaxing by the Atlantic and traveling.

Although I arrived on Saturday, Sunday was the first day I actually went out and smelled the fresh air. I spent Father’s day by the pool with my family. My dad was grilling, preparing food and drinks for everybody as usual. I settled for a animal print bikini and a white lace cover-up. I hope everybody’s starting the week with a positive mind and attitude!

H&M Bikini | Calypso st. Barth cover-up (similar here & here) | Stuart Weiztman sandals (similar here & here)


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