While in Sunny Land


The weather has been unpredictable and, unfortunately, really bad lately. Apparently, the rain in Florida refuses to come alone. I mean, literally… Rain’s best friends: lightening, thunder, and wind come at full speed! It’s been nearly impossible to enjoy the usually amazing, hot weather, let alone shoot outside. I have some under-the-roof shots saved up for this week, however, yesterday after I finished running errands, I took a chance and decided to go outside and give it a try. The results are obvious, but to my relief, the rain didn’t bring thunder and lightening along. It was even a  little cold to be honest. I must admit I felt a bit of joy walking out in the rain. It brought back memories of my childhood and reminded me that even in such dull weather, happiness can be found.


Let’s get back to what really matters! If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll be quick to recognize these disco pants. I am beyond obsessed with them; they’re simply perfect. I always find something new and different to pair them with. Yesterday between runs from my bathroom to my vanity table, I spotted them on one of my clothing piles (haven’t fully unpacked yet…), and I built the entire look off of them. I mustn’t leave out an important fact, just in case you were wondering, the heels I’m wearing make me feel like I’m walking on air!

Brandy Melville top | American Apparel high waist trousers | Alexander McQueen Heroine bag (similar here ) | Zara heels | Topshop necklace | Cartier + Vintage Cartier + Tous + Catbird jewelry


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