Trending Leather + Denim


Is leather a trend or is it just purely based on one’s personal choice of style? Well, let’s see. I’ve always been the kind of girl who likes wearing leather— no matter the season, no matter the place— over pretty much anything else. My infatuation for it has seriously impacted my sense of personal style throughout the years.

I buy anything that is leather compulsively, just about in every shade and texture imaginable. I often fantasize about Acne’s leather jackets, Philip Lim’s trousers, or Wang’s cropped tops, but I can’t help to think it seems as though it’s just a handful of collections creating “trendy” merchandise for a trend that’s in. Here, I’m wearing a look à la Kanye with another clothing garment that has a rather similar effect on me as leather— denim.

Back in the 80’s, everyone wore leather. I mean, literally! Here’s when I start to wonder, is this a trend we’ve adapted ourselves to once again or was it simply never dead? Leather has undoubtedly become common upon the fashionable in the past few years, and it certainly attracted the rest of the world’s attention after the Jannet Jackson wardrobe malfunction performance back in 2004? Peek-A-Boo, Jannet!

I suppose the Spice Girls brought sexy back in the 90’s, but I believe Kate Moss and Kanye did it again in the 2000s. Could it be my personal preference speaking or is leather a trendy trend that never really dies out?

Wearing shirt by Mango old (similar here & here) , shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, trousers by Vince.


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