Tropical Feel

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Wearing trousers by Zara (last year’s collection), shirt by Asos (similar here), shoes by Zara, necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner

Some people say simplicity is the key to a great outfit and I wouldn’t argue it. In this case though, less is not more. From time to time, I enjoy dressing as though a tropical storm happened in my pants… Ha! I especially love the trousers, they have a really cool and interesting vibe to them. I combined it with a yellow t-shirt to keep it fun, and added a pair of nude sandals to balance the entire look. Thank you for your comments!

Algunos dicen que la simplicidad es la llave para un gran look y no lo niego. Pero hay coacciones en las cuales me siento con ganas de llevar un look que parezca tormenta tropical a toda marcha… Haha! Especialmente adoro los pantalones, son interesantes y cool. Decidí combinarlos con una camisa amarilla para mantener el look divertido, y agregar un par de sandalias en color piel para dar un balance neutral al look completo. ¿Que os parece? Muchísimas gracias por vuestros comentarios!


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