: Thinking Pink


After witnessing the glorious street style photographs from F/W 2013 Fashion Weeks, it was clear that pink —and every shade of it — is back. I was instantly obsessed! Here, I found a way to incorporate the girlish color into a more, let’s say —adult way. I settled for an all-white look and threw in bold accessories. The slip ons add a street-chic feel to the look while this Chanel F-W 13/14 Flap bag bring in the luxe touch. Since we’re talking trends, you excited about the Isabel Marant x HM or what? Counting down to get my hands on these white leather trousers!

Coat is by Topshop, top by T by Alexander Wang, trousers by Isabel Marant x HM (coming soon), slip on sneakers by Vince, and bag by Chanel


Leather & Lace

biker biker2brallet

Wearing Biker Jacket by Zara, Jeans by Joe’s, Lace Bralet by Talula

I’m crazy about Leather and Lace. The combination of these two items, is effortlessly chic and playful. I’m always on the hunt for comfortable, feminine  bralets and I couldn’t resist this black lacy by Talula. Halfway through the week, yay! x Andrea

Encajes y cuero me vuelven loca. La combinación de los dos es una pasada, me parece super chic y divertido. Me fascina! Siempre me encuentro en una busca incansable por bralets, y este me encantó! No pude resistirme a su delicada y femenina forma! ¿Que pensáis? Besitos! x Andrea

: Let’s Talk Tartan


1. Steven Alan Coat 2. Celine slip-ons 3. Celine tote 4. Stella McCartney Jacket 5. Fendi bag

Here’s a mini-list of my favorite items for the season. I’m hooked on Tartan, always have been. Come backs are fun, happy to have you back! Happy Wknd x Andrea

Aquí os dejo la lista de un par de cosillas que an capturado mi atención! Estoy enganchada con todo Tartan, siempre he sido una fan de esta trenda. Estoy encantada que halla regresado! Que paséis un sábado increíble x Andrea

I like my Boyfriends Big

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Wearing sweatshirt by Zara, jeans by Rag & Bone, shoes by BCBG Max Azria, small necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner, Big necklace by Topshop (old), bag by Celine

I’m writing as I’m trying to get dressed, eat, and leave my place within the next 10 minutes for my first class this morning! How lucky am I to have to go to class at 8am on a Friday? Please lie. I’m running late, my alarm didn’t go off, although it’s also possible I ignored it for the first 45 minutes… I guess you’ll never know ; ) Before I go about my day, I wanted to blog and share this look with you guys. This is most likely the last time you’ll witness my toes for the next 5 months. When it comes to choosing the ‘boyfriends’ and the Boyfriends, I say the bigger the better! What do you think? I must head out now! Good attitude and a cup of coffee to battle today! x Happy Friday!