Leather & Lace

biker biker2brallet

Wearing Biker Jacket by Zara, Jeans by Joe’s, Lace Bralet by Talula

I’m crazy about Leather and Lace. The combination of these two items, is effortlessly chic and playful. I’m always on the hunt for comfortable, feminine  bralets and I couldn’t resist this black lacy by Talula. Halfway through the week, yay! x Andrea

Encajes y cuero me vuelven loca. La combinación de los dos es una pasada, me parece super chic y divertido. Me fascina! Siempre me encuentro en una busca incansable por bralets, y este me encantó! No pude resistirme a su delicada y femenina forma! ¿Que pensáis? Besitos! x Andrea


2 thoughts on “Leather & Lace

  1. Absolutely adorable!! Its an unique an ideal piece (the bralet) also I like the way you mix leather and blue jeans, nice job!!

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