Dark Floral Print

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(Photos by Melissa Santiago via mlctzphotography.tumblr.com)

Wearing dress by Zara, biker jacket by Zara, sunglasses by Ray-ban, necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner, watch by Cartier, MM Hapi bracelet by Hermes, gold bracelets by Cartier.

Hi pretty people! It’s been pretty hectic around here this past week —even for me! Therefore, I have not had a chance to upload new content on the blog. But no need to panic, I’m back and I’ve got very exciting news! Let’s talk outfit then, we’ll discuss business, ok?!

You guys know how much I love fall by now, right? This outfit is the reason why! I totally love the fact I can get away with a dress and no need to worry about coming back home with no legs! There are so many different ways to play with looks on fall, so don’t be afraid to have fun with ideas! In my case, I settled on a biker leather jacket by Zara to add a bit of the fringe vibe and make it less girly.

Now, Let me begin by stating I’m not being a whiny baby nor am I complaining about my new schedule. Perhaps, I’m pretty freaking thankful this is all happening! Earlier last week, I interviewed for an intern/assistant position for a major fashion stylist! I was recommended by a dear friend of mine who had previously worked with her and her two assistants, but she moved on to Vogue Magazine for the term.It’s all happening very fast —I’m juggling school, office, shoots, research, homework and three stylists at once. It’s tons of work, but I enjoy every bit of it! It’s going to be interesting to see where this all goes… Promise to keep you updated guys! Thankful for an amazing week, let’s go for another one! x Andrea


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