Fuchsia and Basics


For the past month and half, I’ve been spending my weekends inside a studio and during weekdays, I juggle school, boyfriend, office, homework, etc! So you could understand the kick I got out of an entire week worth of food and lazy days thanks to the Holidays! I was finally able to shoot a couple of looks for the blog over the weekend when I returned to the city. I spent the day between hair salon appointment, nail spa, shopping, and relaxing. Also, this was the afternoon before my 21st party! Woot Woot!! I’m legal age kids! I’ll soon upload the pictures from my Saturday night celebration!

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Wearing coat by Dolce & Gabbana, skirt by Zara, shirt by H&M, sunglasses by Miu Miu, necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner, rings by Jennifer Zeuner and Catbird.

Suddenly I’m into color, and minis! It’s surprisingly not so cold in New York nowadays, I mean the weather is more bearable than terrible! Of course, one must take advantage of the generosity of this city’s good weather days, and just had to pull this mini leather skirt with hardware silver zippers out! To even out the look, I chose my favourite Dolce & Gabbana fuchsia coat; it keeps me warm while serving its purpose! When I first laid eyes on this shirt, I got flashbacks to Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean — I then knew I needed this shirt in my life. Off to the office now, have a great day guys! Xx Andrea


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