Brooklyn, I love you.

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(Photos by Melissa Santiago)

Will I ever get sick of this? It seems like a fat chance. Ignore the snow blizzards and 4-degree weather, I love this jungle. The past few weeks have been arctic — colder and stronger than my previous winters in New York. Having said that, not looking eskimo-like is at the top of my New Year’s resolution list. My attempt to learn a thing or two about the art of (delicately) layering is working better than I expected. It’s no secret I choose less colorful looks for freezing cold days: 1. It’s easier to achieve a sleek look. 2. It’s far more flattering, and 3. You won’t look like a fashion experiment gone wrong. Unless, that’s what you’re going for? If that’s the case, cheers to you, my brave friend!

For this look, I wore a gray cashmere turtle neck to lighten the look a notch. Over the turtle neck, I wore a peculiar dress in the form of an apron (as described by my mother-in-law) in patent black leather, black tights by H&M and stolen socks from my boyfriend. For outerwear, I settled for a (vintage) fur coat received as a gift for Christmas. I wanted to keep the look fun and simple so I chose a pair of black suede slip-ons to give it that effortless effect.

My theory about “you-are-what-you-wear” is only an excuse to creatively criticize others’ fashion choices. It’s often cynical thoughts towards a rival successfully pulling off an impossibly chic look. And that’s all for today, kids. Perhaps, you can creatively criticize the look as well? I’ll leave that up to you. See you soon beauties!

xx Andrea

 Wearing cashmere turtle neck by Joe Fresh, patent leather dress by Topshop, slip-ons by Vince, vintage fur coat, bag by Prada, tights by H&M, sunglasses by Ray-ban, necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner, triangle necklace by Bishop Collective, bracelets by various designers.


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