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New York, you are without a doubt, the best city in the world, but holy macaroni, you have got to give us a break. I’m starting to seriously reconsider the facts, here! This weather couldn’t possibly be for real, could it? On the bright side, I get to wear the chunkiest of outerwear available to man, and twenty pounds worth of clothes. How lucky am I? You don’t have to answer that. I hope everybody is having a good first day of New York Fashion Week. Now, let’s the games begin!

New York, eres sin duda, la mejor cuidad del mundo. Nadie te quita eso, pero meu deu, estoy reconsiderando tu amor por tus habitantes. El clima no puede seguir así, eh! Es tormenta después de tormenta! Un respiro no vendría nada mal. En el lado positivo, os podéis imaginar mi emoción cada día, al llevar 20 libras de ropa encima y abrigos mas grandes que mi cuerpo! ¿Cuenta suerte tengo, eh? Es una totalmente pregunta retórica. Espero que tengáis un muy buen primer día de la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York. Que empiecen los juegos!

I am wearing vintage coat by Celine, black sweater by Vince, bag by Celine, white button down by Uniqlo (men’s), pants by J Brand, boots by Zara, vintage earrings by Chanel, sunglasses by Ray-Ban.



Leather Jacket: Each x Other, the ideal oversized biker jacket. Dress: Zara(on sale), sexy yet chic; brings the feminine touch to the look. Boots: Saint Laurent, balances out the rough-feel of the leather jacket and the lingerie-inspired dress. Bag: Saint Laurent, the perfect it-bag; it’s versatile, classic, and convenient. Choker: Jennifer Fisher, the look can benefit from a touch of gold; simple, effortless, and sexy. Earring: Delfina Delettrez, the single-earring effect is amazingly executed by DL —fun, trendy, and playful.

Fuchsia and Basics


For the past month and half, I’ve been spending my weekends inside a studio and during weekdays, I juggle school, boyfriend, office, homework, etc! So you could understand the kick I got out of an entire week worth of food and lazy days thanks to the Holidays! I was finally able to shoot a couple of looks for the blog over the weekend when I returned to the city. I spent the day between hair salon appointment, nail spa, shopping, and relaxing. Also, this was the afternoon before my 21st party! Woot Woot!! I’m legal age kids! I’ll soon upload the pictures from my Saturday night celebration!

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Wearing coat by Dolce & Gabbana, skirt by Zara, shirt by H&M, sunglasses by Miu Miu, necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner, rings by Jennifer Zeuner and Catbird.

Suddenly I’m into color, and minis! It’s surprisingly not so cold in New York nowadays, I mean the weather is more bearable than terrible! Of course, one must take advantage of the generosity of this city’s good weather days, and just had to pull this mini leather skirt with hardware silver zippers out! To even out the look, I chose my favourite Dolce & Gabbana fuchsia coat; it keeps me warm while serving its purpose! When I first laid eyes on this shirt, I got flashbacks to Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean — I then knew I needed this shirt in my life. Off to the office now, have a great day guys! Xx Andrea